Bo Ai Scholarships

"Bo Ai" means boundless love.  We partner with local school teachers and administrators in Henan to identify those children with significant financial needs so that we might help provide financial assistance for them to remain in school.  Many Stay Behind children would not have access to a quality education without help. The government may waive the cost of tuition, but the costs of room and board are still a significant strain on their families' finances.  Our scholarship program helps to defray these costs and enable our Bo Ai scholarship recipients to stay in school and graduate.  Some have even gone on to attend prestigious universities in China.  All they needed was an opportunity.   Room and board costs approximately $1000 per student for one year of school

Our Chinese staff in Xinyang, Henan is in charge of this program.  They travel to the school and maintain contact with each scholarship recipient and work closely with school personnel.  Our staff also maintains good relationships with the student's family and local community officials.  Our goal is to support and encourage these students through long-term positive relationships so that they achieve their full potential.  

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Your support is important! A gift of just $500 provides a scholarship to a student for an entire year of education. Please visit our GIVE page to help.