Leadership Training

One of the most important aspects of our work is the training and equipping of service-minded local leaders. In Henan, a number of highly capable and qualified Chinese adults have become the central core of our leadership team in China.  They are our front-line workers among the Stay Behind children in Henan.  They are being trained and coached to one day register and launch their own social organization (nonprofit) in mainland China to be service leaders within their communities. 

To further carry out this work, CSV has registered a representative office in Henan under the auspices of the department of education and the public security bureau.  We are authorized to work in five educational areas: 1) student financial aid and facility renovation, 2) innovative educational programming, 3) teacher and administrator professional training and development, 4) teacher and student foreign exchanges, and 5) international cross-cultural programs that broaden a student's worldview. 

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