Bo Ai Scholarships

The Bo Ai scholarship program provides important financial assistance to families in rural villages in Henan, China. Without the financial support that we offer, many of these young people would not have access to a quality education. For others, the costs of room and board would put a significant strain on their families' finances. A number of Bo Ai graduates have gone on to college programs, including some of the most prestigious universities in China. The name "Bo Ai" was given to this program by a local Chinese Official. "Bo Ai" means boundless love. Currently over 100 middle school and high school students receive this scholarship.

We pay the salary and travel expenses for our local staff members in charge of the program. They maintain contact with all of the students who are in the three-year program, supervise the recruitment of forty new students each year, and keep in touch with the Bo Ai graduates in their new places of work or study.  

Village Visit to Bo Ai family.jpg

Your support is important! A gift of just $500 provides a scholarship to a student for an entire year of education. Please visit our GIVE page to help.