The Good Shepherd Society

Our work in China is sustained through contributions from people like you. If you share our vision for the people of China, we invite you to become a member of the Good Shepherd Society!

The Society was named "Good Shepherd" because its members care about the lost sheep of China. Members of the Good Shepherd Society know their gifts are being used to change lives. The program encourages and recognizes sacrificial gifts. If you are already a member, thank you for being a part of our ministry and sustaining our work!


Visit our GIVE page to learn about all the ways we use your gifts. Should you choose to make a donation at one of our giving levels, you will automatically gain membership in the Society. 

Thank you for your support!  We are grateful for your partnership. 

Membership levels

All members of the Good Shepherd Society will be recognized in our annual report.  In addition, members at each giving level will receive special gifts. If you would prefer not to receive the gift or public recognition, we are happy to respect your wishes.

Overflowing Cup ($1000+ annually)
In addition to regular updates and a membership certificate, members at the Overflowing Cup level will receive an original Chinese calligraphy print.

Still Waters ($500-$999 annually)
In addition to regular updates and a membership certificate, members at the Still Waters level will receive a special gift of Chinese green tea. 

Green Pastures ($300-$499 annually)
Members at the green pastures level will receive regular updates from our leadership team, and also a member certificate to acknowledge their gift.