MissiOnary Trail Trip


We changed the dates! The purpose of a Missionary Trail Trip is to acquaint our donors with the Christian Church in China, CSV's work in Henan Province, and to make new friends with the people we love and serve. And, of course, to enjoy the beauty of China and experience some of its rich culture, food, and languag e. We purposefully focus on relationships. While in the Xinyang area, you will meet with Christian leaders, pastors, educators, students in both the city and in rural areas . This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary of "Bo Ai" (boundless love) scholarships to rural students in need of financial aid. We will introduce you to the schools and students who receive our scholarships. We will also visit and enjoy famous Jigongshan (Rooster Mountain), where early missionaries made their summer homes.

M -       Oct. 16th            Travel Day from USA to Beijing International Airport (PEK); overnight in hotel

T -         Oct. 17th          Travel to Xinyang by Train; orientation; overnight in hotel

W-        Oct. 18th           Meet with Xinyang China Christian Council (CCC) Reps;Travel to Longjing/Yanghe

                                      Middle Schools for Program with Students; overnight in Xinyang

 R-         Oct. 19th         Meet with Xinyang Church Reps; Travel to Xinyang Churches ; Travel to Longjing/Yanghe

                                     Middle Schools forProgram with Students; overnight in  Xinyang

 F -        Oct. 20th         Meet with local Universities; ESL Opportunity; Travel to Jigongshan (Rooster Mountain);

                                     overnighton Jigongshan

 Sa -       Oct.21st         Day on the Mountain; visit historic missionary homes, school, chapel,

                                     school; hiking; overnightonJigongshan

 Su -      Oct. 22nd       Worship at Xindian Anna Martinson Memorial Chapel; assist in Mei Wen Day Camp;

                                    hotpotdinner; overnightin Xinyang

 M -       Oct. 23rd        Train to Xi'an; tour city gates & Muslim Quarter; visit with Morningstar Ministries;

                                    overnight in Xi 'an.

 T -         Oct. 24th       Tour Terracotta Warriors; evening train to Beijing; bus to hotel; explore city;

                                     overnightin Beijing

 W -       Oct. 25th        Morning on The Great Wall; afternoon at Forbidden Palace/Heavenly Temple;

                                    Evening Beijing Duck Dinner

 R -        Oct.  26th     Depart Beijing International Airport (PEK) for USA .

If you are interested, please call the CSV office at 651-659-1396 or email to office@chinaserviceventure s.o rg. We need to form the traveling team by August 1st to allow enough time for passports, visas, andreservations.

The cost of the trip is approximately $3,500 (plus or minus $500), which includes airfare, hotel lodgings, transportation (bus, train, subway), entrance fees, group meals, and one to two Chinese hosts. Exact costs to be determined once group is estab­ lished with full disclosure. See you in China!