Breaking the Chains


About this Program

Du Quan Li is a special needs teenager.  He has never been to school.  He cannot talk.  His parents have no options.  They both work to survive.  While they are gone, they chain their son to the bed with a 10-foot chain.   Through horse therapy and creative use of drawing programs using iPads, provided by China Service Ventures and Mei Wen, young Quan Li  is responding well to focused loving attention and education.   At this point, Quan Li still wears the chain, even when he rides the horse, but, one day, we hope the chain will no longer be necessary.

Your Support Helps to Break Chains

As we prepare for the Fall, I am writing for your support to fund creative services to children at risk in China. 

Du Quan Li's situation is compelling.  He represents an unreached segment of Left Behind Children in China, who need the gospel and social services.  Through horse, animal therapy and personal attention, this young man is making advancements in posture, poise, social skills, and self-confidence.  Most importantly, he is experiencing joy through his multiple disabilities as he experiences Christ's love in word and deed. 

China's leadership is again raising barriers to western influence, but the Spirit of the Living God opens doors and breaks chains.  Du Quan Li is just one powerful story among many.  

CSV is finalizing its application submission to establish a representative office in China.  If approved by the Chinese government, this will allow us to transfer funds to our partner organization, Mei Wen, and operate openly in China.   In the meantime, Mim's work visa with Mei Wen allows her to work in China.  This work visa expires in February 2018, after which,  Mei Wen will need to apply for a new foreign worker's permit.  

There is still lot's of ambiguity for the future.  But, the needs and opportunities are still there through creative solutions.  Your continued support enables Jeff & Mim Nellermoe to be in China to work with our Mei Wen team until some of these ambiguities are resolved, and, you provide them with resources for creative ministry -- like horse and dog therapy.  

Thank you for your prayers, support, and financial gifts.  They are needed in these times.

Dr. Jeffrey T. Nellermoe
Executive Director