Serve in China

Thank you for your willingness to serve! We are currently recruiting future ESL teachers and camp counselors to serve in Henan, China. Teachers and counselors have a tremendous opportunity to form meaningful relationships with Chinese friends and gain invaluable experience in a new culture.  

ESL teachers serve on annual contracts and are paid by their Chinese schools. Airfare and housing are also covered. Teachers are required to have a college degree.

Camp Counselors are generally college-age students who are looking for international volunteer service opportunities. They attend training in the U.S. in June and then lead summer camps in China in July.  

Within our four ventures there are numerous other possibilities for service in China.  Let us know if you have special skills or interests and we'll explore the possibilities with you.

Our office staff can provide more information and answer any questions you have. Or you can download our ESL Teacher application or our Summer Counselor application to get started!

Serve in America

There are many opportunties to serve as part of the CSV team stateside! We can use assistance in the office with mailings, filing, and data entry. Or, if you're interested in serving in a leadership role, let us know! Either way, we'll try to match you up with responsibilities that fit your skills and interests.

Most importantly, we ask for your prayers, gifts, and testimony. Tell others about our work! Or consider joining the Good Shepherd Society.  

Thank you for all you do!