Summer Youth Camp

This program provides an opportunity for many of our rural Bo Ai students and other youth to experience the joys and adventures of summer camp!  We hold our camps at Lijiazhai Middle School near Rooster Mountain.  This year we will offer two middle school camps and two high school camps with 50 campers each, and we will also hold two day camps for younger children.  Our intent is to have these youth experience a caring and gracious community.  We offer a modified version of our curriculum that respects the limitations set by the government.

We recruit and train college-age youth from the U.S., Hong Kong, and China to lead our overnight camps. The majority of our Chinese counselors are connected in some way to our year-round CSV programs. The day camps for younger children are led by inter-generational counselors from churches across the U.S. 

CSV 2016 Summer Camp in HK2.jpg

What excites us about this camping program is that we are creating discipleship opportunities for the counselors, who join in prayer and seek to share Christ's love with their campers. We are seeing the fruit of their witness in the response of the campers. One summer camper spent the next summer at Lake Wapo as a counselor to U.S. children!  These are truly exciting developments.

Summer counselors from our US team volunteer about 50 days of their summer for this program.  They are not asked to pay any expenses, but we do request that counselors participate in fundraising efforts to offset the costs. If you are interesting in serving as a counselor, there are a number of things you can do.

  1. First, read this FAQ sheet for more information.
  2. You may also visit our SERVE page to fill out a contact form and request more information.
  3. Or, if you are ready to apply, download the Counselor Application and begin the process!  

If you would like to support this great work, our GIVE page offers ways to help.  Thank you!