4/24/2018 Prayer Requests

Lin asks us to pray for smooth and effective communication in connection with this summer's seminar.

We are thankful for Yanbin and Rosa as they faithfully handle things in the office day by day. 

We are thankful too for our donors, who give them lots of things to do. 

And we pray that our donor numbers can grow so that all our needs in the challenging days ahead may be met.

Jeff, who's now overseas, sent the following requests:

Keep praying for the breakthrough with the Education Department.   We are starting to get the word out with influential people in the community that we both need and desire the cooperation of the Education department.  Our friends are willing to use their influence to pass along the word. 

The main issues are that the concept of a foreign NGO legally operating in Ch'n' is still relatively a new idea for H'n'n Province.  Although we are legally approved and registered, there is some reticence from the schools.  And, the governmental agencies and banks do not know about how to process us.  We are a new concept to them.  They are learning as they go.  Word has not been passed along down the chain of command. 

We are still waiting on the bank.   This weekend is a 3-day holiday for Ch'n', so we hope to accomplish registering our bank accounts prior to the end of the week. 

Consequently, I have again inquired of the H'n'n Public Security Bureau to ask for help.  

This week we will contact the X. Public Security Bureau responsible for our immediate oversight.  We will contact both the X. and H'n'n Education Department again this week.  Today I go to visit with one of the teachers from L'ngj'ng in the countryside who has welcomed our Stay Behind Program in his school to inquire about future ideas for cooperation.  

Last night, I met with Mr. L, the principal of the H'n'n X. Aviation College also to inquire about cooperation.   He was willing to visit with me at my home on his way back from a business trip.  He showed up at my door at 9:30 p.m.  This was quite a surprise but also an honor that he was willing to fit me into his busy schedule.  He wants to help us. 

There seems to be some confusion about the crimped seal on our registration document.  Most Ch'n's' are not used to seeing it.  They are familiar with the red ink stamp.  So, they are a little cautious that our document is official.  Ironic, isn’t it?   These are the obstacles we are facing. 

I continue to work with the staff to formulate a comprehensive and concise statement of our mission, values, and programs.  We are currently analyzing and assessing the impact of our current programs and deciding what needs to be improved or dropped. 

I was deeply touched by a prayer that I found in the Green L'th'r'n Book of Worship (LBW) in the Morning Prayer (Matins) section on p. 137.  It seems appropriate both for current circumstances, the culture of Ch'n',  and for our organization’s name’s sake and mission:

“Lord, God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.  Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

I cannot believe that the Lord allowed us to be  registered only to be stymied by the details of implementation.  We will press through with determination and courage and faith.

4/17/2018 Prayer Requests

Lin asks us to give thanks to our Father for the success and good fruit from his recent trip. Even though some changes of scheduling occurred there was one setting where  a meeting with ch’rch leaders resulted in the decision to have a B’th’l Series seminar held in the near future.

 Lin also reported that a new opportunity has opened up for this same future time for him to introduce the B’th’l Series program in B.


 1. Still waiting on word from The People’s Bank of Ch’n’ regarding approval of our organization’s Ch’n’ Office Bank Accounts (RMB and USD).   It has been over one week.  We contacted the bank and the Registry Office of Henan Public Security Bureau to ask for help to expedite the process.  We hope to hear something positive this week.

 2. Jeff will be attending a special seminar for two days this week upon the invitation of Dr. W at one of the universities in X regarding Ch’n’’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative and how it relates to Ch’n’’s “2025 Poverty Alleviation” strategy.  This fits into our approved scope of operations and is an excellent opportunity to network with Henan University professors (and visiting international scholars) to broaden the scope of our operations.  

 3. Upon consultation with Yang Guang and team, our organization’s Ch’n’ Office will focus on three primary areas the remainder of this year: 1) Bo Ai Program (scholarships & relationships), 2) Stay Behind Program (extra-curricular & outdoor education), and 3) University Student Volunteer Program (training and networking), with the possibility of adding one more area, 4) Faculty/Administrator Professional Development and Exchange.  Yang Guang is preparing a portfolio on these foci for an anticipated Review/Investigation by the Henan Department of Education and Henan Public Security Bureau possibly within the next two weeks.  They will conduct onsite examination of our office and possibly interview those we serve and partner with in the field.  We still hope to conduct a camp, but we need Education Department approval first.  We are still waiting on that, too. 

 4. Our U.S. Office will focus on promoting two major programs for next year: 1) Hearts for Henan: An Unique Person-to-Person Discovery Tour of our organization’s work and Henan’s culture (this will focus primarily on exploring Henan through its people and will focus on poverty alleviation issue associated with our scope of operations and will incorporate some previous elements of the historic missionary trail trip, and ESL Teaching/Professional Service Opportunities in Henan. Our organization’s Ch’n’ Office will support expats living in Ch’n’. 

 5. Our registration is for all of Henan and we need to go where there are opportunities to serve.  This represents a major shift in thinking, albeit, we will base out of X.    Most of our most productive work is now in outlying areas of X County (not the city proper).   We will explore via our connections other avenues and areas. 

 6. Current events in Henan reveal a strong enforcement of the “R’l’gious Activities Law.”   The new law restricts r’l’gious activities to State designated and authorized sites (e.g., r’g’stered ch’rch sites) as conducted by State authorized religious personnel. Currently, all youth, ages 0-18 and State Employees are prohibited from attending w’rsh’p services.  The only literature allowed in ch’rch’s is the State authorized B’bl’ and hymnal.   No other r’l’gious literature are permitted.  This same enforcement is also happening among the other r’l’gious groups.   

 7. Our organization’s Ch’n’ Office needs to be aware of all the nuances of the existing laws to demonstrate good faith and compliance for the future sustainability of our work.   Pray for wisdom and knowledge and faithful guides. 

 8. The Mei Wen organization (our organization’s first attempt at registration via a Ch’n’se Business) will officially close on April 30th this year.   All staff will be hired over to our organization’s new Ch’n’ Office in order to avoid confusion with government officials and public and to ensure the safety and protection of our team and work for the future.   For this reason, it is crucial that we open bank accounts by the end of April. 

 9.  Keep praying for health and safety for our staff with renewed vision and wisdom for our future work.

 Thank you, all of you, that so faithfully pray for our work and for our staff in the states and in Ch’n’.

4/10/2018 Prayer Requests

Continue praying for all the ongoing Bethel Series classes throughout the country.

Also keep praying for Lin as he makes preparations for his next trip overseas, which will be next summer.

Jeff is in Ch'n' now.   The previous prayer requests are in effect.  Here are a few updates.
 Jeff & YangGuang met with our lawyer in B.  We will close Mei Wen and hire all its staff to our organization's new Ch'n' Office.  In effect, nothing changes.  We are just cleaning up our liability and organizing for clarity and better impact. 

  • Jeff & YG met with local police to register Jeff’s presence.  New protocols require an interview on videotape (who, what, why, when, where, etc.), updated contact information, and known associations in Ch'n'.   Jeff attested to veracity of information given by finger print.
  • Jeff & YG met with ICBC Bank Officials.  All documentation is now forwarded to the People’s Bank of Ch'n' (main government bank) for approval of RMB account before being able to open our organization's registered accounts over there.  This process may take all of April.  We should hear preliminary word of approval within a week.
  • Jeff & YG met with X. Tax Commission Authorities to register an account.  This is a two-step process dependent upon bank registration.  Registration of Social Benefits (Pension, Medical, Disability, etc.) can only take place after bank and tax commission registrations and formalized employee contracts. 
    • Jeff secured the services of Lawyer Yang Qin (Kunlun Lawfirm B.) for this next year.  She will help with de-registration of Mei Wen and assessment of liabilities (outstanding taxes, debts owed, etc.) and will help formalize employee contracts.
    • Jeff met with the team.  They will give reports on Wednesday (Ch'n' Time, which is Tuesday night here in the States--they're 13 hours ahead of time in the Midwest) to assess the current situation and explore future changes to the Bo Ai, Stay Behind, and Volunteer Programs in preparation for a future meeting with education officials. 
    • YG has called the Department of Education (Provincial Level) for a meeting next week.  No word yet. 
    • Jeff will meet with Accounting Firm next week and formalize contracts. 
    • Reimbursements from February delegation will fund Mei Wen team through April.  The goal is to open our organization's Office on May 1st.   This is a key target date and requires your prayers.   

    Mei Wen team continues to serve autistic children with home visits (Ou Ying Ying and Du Quanli) and Reading Program and L'gj'ng and Y'gh' Schools with University Volunteers. 
    Jeff is researching current changes in NGO and Religious Activities laws to ensure that we stay compliant.   There continues to be many changes in these areas.  Awareness is vital to avoiding complications.

    Please pray for Jeff’s acclimation to the new time zone change and climate and that he stay in good health.  Pray also for his language acquisition.  Life is much easier if you can speak Ch'n's' in Ch'n'.

    Thank you to all those who are interested in Ch'n' and keep us in your prayers.  We pray for open doors for a new era of service over there among the rural poor students. 

    4/3/2018 Prayer Requests

    Keep praying for Lin as he keeps up his contacts with people working with the Bethel Series overseas. We give thanks for all the ongoing classes over there, and want to keep praying for both teachers and students as they dig into the Word that it will richly bless their lives and help them to be good witnesses to those who do not know it.

    Jeff sent these requests regarding our work overseas:

    • This coming weekend is Qing Ming, which is the sweeping of the graves.  It is similar to our Memorial Day, but with very quirky nuances historically, more like Mexico’s “Day of the Dead.”  Present-day Ch'n'’s celebration is relatively benign (more like a memorial day), but it usually falls very close to Easter.  It is an excellent talking point about one grave that was empty of the body, because he rose again to eternal life.  Because he lives, we, too, have the hope of resurrection and eternal life with him. 
    • Jeff travels overseas on Wednesday (April 4th).  Please pray for travel mercies and safe passage to X.  Yang Guang will meet him at the airport.  If possible, they hope to meet with our organization's lawyer while in B. 
    • Jeff’s main goal is to make the our organization's overseas office operational.  The government will not allow us to work with Mei Wen, because it is a for-profit organization.  Since Mei Wen is totally dependent on us for revenue sources, we will close Mei Wen, hire all the staff over to our organization's Ch'n' Office.    In order to make our Ch'n' Office operational, Jeff needs to: 1) register with the bank domestic and foreign currency accounts, 2) register with the X. Tax Commission, 3) Hire an Accountant, 4) Hire Staff (Yang Guang, Jing, Amin, and Shan), 5) Meet with Provincial, County, and Local Department of Education officials for direct approval of future programs and projects, 6) Create our Ch'n' Office Chart of Accounts, 7) Create our Ch'n' Office Employee Handbook, 8) Create our Ch'n' Office Financial Policy and Protocols, 9) Create our Ch'n' Office Employee Job Descriptions and Evaluation, 10) Create our Ch'n' Office 2018 Operating Budget, 11) Create our Ch'n' Office 2018 Calendar of Projects and Events, and 12) Submit Preliminary Proposals for Approval to H'n'n Registry Office of the Public Security Bureau for future events.  This is an ambitious project for the next two months.  
    • We hope to host a summer camp at J'g'ngsh'n or L'j'zh' this July.  This is dependent upon approval from the Department of Education and our successful registration of bank accounts. 

    Requests from the USA:


    • We are working on building up our email list for quick and efficient means of communication with our supporters.   
    • We are planning on a our organization's Board Meeting and Strategic Donors Meeting and Nita Qiu Piano Benefit Concert for June 8-10th.   

    Thanks for being our faithful prayer supporters. Please share these requests with others who will also diligently pray.

    3/27/208 Prayer Requests

    Lin has just arrived home from overseas. He asks us to please pray for him as he makes arrangements for his next trip over there, which will be in the summer. He says that hopefully the Father can make it happen.

    General Requests

    • This holy week, we pray for churches throughout the world as they remember the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Christ is risen!  He is risen, indeed!   May the church be embolden to proclaim the goodness of forgiveness, reconciliation, salvation, and life everlasting in Jesus’ name.  Many will not attend church on Easter Sunday, but the people of God will go out into their communities to express the love of Christ in word and deed.   We pray that the Lord gives his children many opportunities to share “naturally” the love of Christ in their daily relationships.
    • We need to pray for divine financial provision for our organization.   Although we were in the “tomb” (low-key activity while preparing documents) for 1 1/2 years waiting for our approval from the Ch'n's' government, now that we have our miracle of approval, we need our faithful donors to help us get the word out that our organization is not dead, but emerging to enter the dawning of a new exciting era.  So, please pray for the encouragement of our donors.  The reward is coming!  


    • Yang Guang reports that Mr. Dong (L'j'zh' Middle School) has not said “no” to our request to host a summer camp at L'j'zh', but he also has not said “yes.”  Mr. Dong is waiting for approval from the provincial level of the department of education.   Ch'n's' culture is bureaucratic.  Approval from the top paves the way all the way down.  We need good relationships at all levels.  
    • Jeff flies overseas on April 4th to get our organization's Ch'n' Office operational.  Please pray specifically for:
      • Successful registration of domestic and foreign currency bank accounts with ICBC. 
      • Successful registration of our account with the X' Tax Commission
      • Successful registration of staff contracts with Ch'n''s Social Security Commission
      • Successful hire of X' Accounting Firm
      • Successful hire of Lawyer Services for 2018
      • Successful meeting with Provincial Department of Education officials (We want to have ground level dialogue about what is needed and how we might best help with specific kinds of programs according to our approved scope of operations)
      • Successful meeting with County Department of Education officials (see above)
      • Successful meeting with Township Education officials and Local School Administrators
      • Successful meeting with Registry Office of H'n'n Public Security Bureau (protocol evaluation)
      • Successful approval of Jeff’s work visa
      • Fruitful discussions on how best to establish a Ch'n's' nonprofit organization which is able to solicit funds from their own countrymen and continue the vision and work of our organization, i.e., how best to indigenize and sustain the ministry.
      • Divine protection in an ever-increasing complexity of relationships between Ch'n' and the USA. Pray for protection of Jeff and our staff. 
      • Quick approval for a summer camp this July 2018. 
      • Quick approval for Historic Missionary Trail Trip this October 2018.
      • Quick approval for Stay Behind program in Y'ngh' and L'ng'ng Middle Schools
      • Quick approval for Bo Ai scholarship program with select high schools
      • Quick approval for Volunteer Training program from local universities
      • X'ny'ng Vocational University is looking for a certified English as Second Language (ESL) teacher!  They will gladly take two applicants for the Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 school year.   We need teachers!

    Jeff & Mim

    • Mike (Jeff’s brother-in-law) died from cancer on March 17th and is now with the Lord.  His funeral is on April 7th.  We pray comfort for Jeff’s sister Barbara.  Jeff was instrumental in helping Mike and Barbara during Mike’s final weeks.  Jeff’s parents (Roy & Darlene) celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on April 6th and their 82nd birthdays on April 22nd and 24th.    It is necessary for Jeff to return overseas immediately to establish the office.  Ch'n'’s bureaucracy is slow and tedious, but it is thorough.   Jeff’s return is to see the process through to its completion, which will require a lot of documentation and waiting in various government offices. 
    • Mim flew to Santa Maria, CA to check on her parents’ health and condition.   They will celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary and 87th birthdays this summer. 

    Thank you,

    3/20/2018 Prayer Requests

    Requests from overseas:

    • Yang Guang is waiting for a response from the Department of Education.  He contacted Headmaster W' of L'jz' Middle School and Headmaster D'ng of L'jz' Middle School to inquire about the possibility of hosting a summer camp at the school.  YG informed them that our organization had been approved by the H'n'n Department of Education and H'n'n Public Security Bureau and shared with them our authorized scope of activities.  Both headmasters, however, indicated that they would need direct approval from the Head of the Department of Education.  So, far, there is no answer.  YG called the H'n'n Department of Education, but there is no response.   This is our biggest prayer request that we make contact with the appropriate officials of the Department of Education. 
    • Recent political changes in Ch'n'’s government indicate that the Party is definitely in control over all areas of civil life.  So, I suspect that the Department of Education is waiting for approval from a political officer.   Pray for open doors. 
    • Jeff will return to Ch'n' in April to complete the registration of our bank accounts and tax commission account so that our organization's Ch'n' Office becomes operational.  Jeff’s brother-in-law, Mike, died last Saturday and is now with Jesus our Lord in heaven.  His death culminates a 9-month battle with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer.  We are grateful for the opportunity for Jeff & Mim to serve their family.   After the memorial service, Jeff will return to Ch'n' to complete the registrations and negotiations with key education, civil government, and party officials. 

    Lin has just arrived back in the States from his overseas trip. He immediately traveled to a special conference where he and other leaders are praying and planning for future work.

    Lin reports that in one of the cities he traveled to overseas there was a great response for having B' th'L training for some 60 leaders in the coming summer. He asks us to give thanks to our Father.

    Paul Ofstedal would like us to continue praying for our organization's upcoming Benefit Piano Concert on Sunday, June 10th at 2:00 p.m. at Mindekirken Ch’rch in Minneapolis. Nita Qiu will be performing. More details will be shared later. Please pray for this special event where people will have the chance to hear wonderful music, plus updates from Lin and from Paul about current work. 

    While we often pray God's blessing on the work of Yanbin and Rosa in our organization's stateside office, let's also pray God's blessing upon their families.

    3/13/2018 Prayer Requests

    Lin is now almost two weeks into his time overseas. He is planning to offer Bethel Series training in at least three locations. As you can imagine ch’rch leaders are eager for their people to grow more deeply in understanding and living-out our Father’s Word. Pray for smooth travels and substantive times in these places.

     Paul Ofstedal shared with us today that our organization will be offering a Benefit Piano Concert on Sunday, June 10th at 2:00 p.m. at Mindekirken Ch’rch in Minneapolis. Nita Qiu and select friends of hers will be performing. More details will be shared later. Please pray for this special event where people will have the chance to hear wonderful music, updates from Lin, and from Paul about current work. 

     Yanbin and Rosa are daily attending to our office and finance work. We give thanks to our Father.

     Stateside and Ch’n’ Offices

    Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the following:

     After Jeff made inquiries to the Henan Public Security Bureau about the different ways that our organization (as nonprofit organization) can relate to Mei Wen (as Ch’n’se for-profit organization), Yang Guang (YG) received the reply that our organization cannot cooperate with Mei Wen because of the nonprofit — for-profit registrations.  In the states, we do not have this problem.  Consequently we are praying about:

      • Dissolving Mei Wen Corporation to avoid any potential confusion and misunderstanding from the government or population that would jeopardize our work overseas.  Our organization will hire all the current Mei Wen employees for its Ch’n’ Office so that there will only be our organization’s Ch’n’ Office. 
      • Dissolving Mei Wen Corporation will involve documentation and a final tax audit with possible tax liabilities for YG.  We will be in close contact with our lawyer in B as to how best to handle this.   It will be a drawn out process.  This also may affect our office contract. 
      • YG is a little anxious about this but also affirming of this direction.  It would relieve the pressure off him, Amin, Jing, and Jessie so that they can focus solely on work among the rural poor.  He has felt the burden of being split focused: one, on making a profit and two, on serving the poor. 
    • YG reported last week that the process of registering with the bank our domestic and foreign currency accounts and tax commission account both need to start over again. They “misplaced” our documentation.   Jeff will need to be in Ch’n’, in person, for a period of time just to wade through the bureaucracy of documentation. 
    • Jeff is preparing job descriptions for all current Mei Wen staff to be hired as our organization’s employees to be effective May 1, 2018.  These all need to be bilingual (Ch’n’se and English).   Mei Wen has enough funding to pay salaries through the end of April. 
    • Jeff asked YG to contact appropriate authorities to explore whether we can conduct a camp this summer.   This will be initially tentative since we must secure our bank accounts in order to transfer money and pay our vendors.   The Ch’n’se authorities have been quite clear: Under no circumstances are we to receive, solicit, or earn any money in Ch’n’.   All of our funding must come outside of Ch’n’.   Even if a camp is not possible this year, we would like to send a small exploratory team to begin the planning for the summer of 2019. 

      Below are the details that need to happen when Jeff is in Ch’n’.  Please pray for their completion. 
      1. Register our organization’s bank accounts (domestic and foreign currencies) so that we can transfer money and pay salaries, pay vendors, and distribute funds to programs that serve the rural poor students. 
      2. Register with X Tax Commission so that we can hire all current Mei Wen staff with appropriate compensation and benefits, meeting all of our tax liabilities. 
      3. Apply for Foreign Worker VISA in consultation with the Registry Office of Henan’s Public Security Bureau. 
      4. Hire and Formalize Contracts with all of our organization’s Ch’n’ Office employees so that we can direct deposit salaries and begin work.  The staff team will include current Mei Wen staff plus a part-time bookkeeper and/or Ch’n’ Certified Public Accountant. 
      5. Initiative conversations with provincial and county level Department of Education officials so that we can establish our programs for the Fall of 2018. This will help us focus our communication strategy for our donors and to raise more money in the states. 
      6. Establish a bilingual (Ch’n’se/English) website and social media platform in Ch’n’ to represent ourselves and to communicate with the larger populace as to our mission, vision, goals, and programs — and certification credentials under the law to gain public trust and legitimacy. 
      7. Plan the 2018/2019 School Year Programs in cooperation with Education Department and local School Administrators to start in Fall of 2018 as we officially open our organization’s Ch’n’ Office. 
      8. Finalize our Office Rental agreement with our landlord in X.  We will need to rent under our organization’s name.   We will need to clarify with Mr. JIang the office arrangement. 

        Jeff will have an online meeting with YG on Wednesday morning (Ch’n’ Time) for an update on his progress.  Unfortunately, the prayer requests will already have gone out.  
         Please pray for Jeff and Mim and their families.  Both sides of the family are experiencing serious health concerns that require faith, courage, and wisdom. 
         P.S. We are grateful to have you standing with us in prayer.

    3/7/2018 Prayer Requests

    Lin is now overseas and has begun his visits to give training in the Bethel Series. Leaders overseas are eager for the in depth teaching in the Word. Pray that our Father’s good plans might be furthered for all that are involved.

    Please remember in prayer our organization’s stateside office and financial staff, Yanbin and Rosa, that they would know our Father’s leading in their work.

     From Jeff & Mim:  

    • Jeff will postpone his trip to Ch’n’ until May because of a family health emergency. Jeff’s brother-in-law (Mike), who has Stage 4 Gastric Cancer, has been in the hospital these last two days because of excruciating pain. After an emergency MRI and CT scans, the doctors informed him that the cancer had spread to his spinal chord and central nervous system as well as throughout his entire body. Mike recently completed 12 rounds of chemotherapy, but medical interventions at this point are extremely limited and mostly ineffective for his type of cancer. The doctor recommended palliative care to treat the symptoms and to focus on quality of life with his time remaining. Jeff & Mim will help Mike and Barb (Jeff’s sister) during this time of family crisis and need.
    • Jeff was able to receive clarification from the Henan Public Security Bureau regarding our organization’s relationship with Mei Wen. The short answer is that they are two separate entities and our organization is not to transfer money to Mei Wen or enter into what is deemed profitable endeavors or business activities with Mei Wen. The bright spot is that we can hire each of the Mei Wen staff (Yang Guang, Amin, Jing, and Jessie) as individual employees of our organization’s Ch’n’ office. There needs to be clear and clean lines of separation between the two organizations. However, sadly, we will no longer be referring to Mei Wen as our partner organization. Instead we will talk about our organization’s Ch’n’ Office in X.
    • Jeff talked with Yang Guang today to inform him about his change of travel and the update from the Henan Public Security Bureau. Yang Guang said that Mei Wen has enough funds to survive until May, so he thinks they will be alright. We are cutting it close. Yang Guang corroborated the decision of the Public Security Bureau. We talked about what programs will be officially our organization’s and what will be Mei Wen’s. The good news is that the Bo Ai scholarship programs, Stay Behind Programs in the Middle Schools, Volunteer Training, Summer Camps, M’ss’onary Trail Tours, ESL Teacher Resourcing will all be CSV programs, i.e., nothing has changed from the past. Mei Wen will endeavor to provide tutoring via “English day camps.”
    • Yang Guang will check this week about the possibility of our organization hosting a camp either on Jigongshan or at Lijiazhai Middle School. The problem is that the Bureau of Education was unavailable to meet with Jeff the last two times he was in Ch’n’. We still need the approval from the Henan Bureau of Education to conduct these camps even though, in principle, they are approved within our scope of operation on our registration form. What the top officials approve, the local officials endorse.
    • Yang Guang informed Jeff that sadly his efforts to register our organization’s bank accounts and to register with the tax commission were largely wasted efforts. The officials did not know how to complete the registration of a foreign nonprofit organization. We were too new in the process and the timing was too close to Spring Festival. Jeff will need to return in May to Ch’n’ to wade through the bureaucratic inertia of repeat visits with the same clerks to push the paperwork through.
    • Jeff talked with our organization’s President Tom Stertz and received his blessing to focus on family in their time of need. Jeff will, in the meantime, continue to work on developing the strategic plans, contracts, policies, and communication strategies for the Ch’n’ Office while stateside. All this will help us promote the work in the states.
    • Pray for healing for Mike. Pray for wisdom and courage for he and his wife, Barbara, and family. Pray for clarity with the government and open doors to conduct a summer camp. Pray for the right timing to go to Ch’n’. Our Father has a plan and his timing and ways are perfect. In his time, he makes all things beautiful.


    Thank you to all who pray diligently.