10/3/2017 Prayer Requests

We give thanks for all the ongoing Bethel Series classes all over the country where we serve, and we pray for our Father's insight and guidance for both teachers and students.

We also want to pray for the upcoming Bethel Series training seminar over there, and for Lin as he leads it. Pray too for Lin's travels,  both over there and in the country, and forthe travels of all the other participants.

Paul Ofstedal is improving in his health condition and expects to be entering a transitional care facility here in Minnesota this week.

Prayer Requests from overseas:

  • Ch'n' is celebrating its 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of Ch'n' (Oct. 1st - Military Parade in B.) with a week-long holiday (Golden Week).  Travel is at its highest peak there during this week.  Many employees have the entire week off — including our Mei Wen staff (Yang Guang, Amin, Wang, and Jessie).  Pray for rest and renewal for them. 
  • Our Mei Wen staff continues to meet with our disabled students: Ying Ying and Du Quanli. 
  • The People’s Congress (Oct. 16th) is upcoming.  President Xi is expected to be the General Secretary of Ch'n's Communist Party and President of the PRC another 5 years.  Pray for their leaders

For Jeff & Mim:

  • Jeff & Mim will travel to Minneapolis this week for our organization Fall Board of Director’s Meeting.   The Brief of our Service in Ch'n' is near completion for review and submission and translation — the final piece!  Pray for wisdom as Jeff edits down the brief into a clear and concise message. 
  • Our Board of Directors Meeting will be Sat., Oct. 7th at Ch'n' Place, 1407 Cleveland Ave N., St. Paul, MN.  Pray for safe travel of all the directors. 
  • Pray for the last details of our organization's Missionary Trail Trip, Oct. 16 - 26.    Visas are in for some, but not all.

Thanks very much for all your prayers for us and our organization's work overseas. It is Sooooo----- important. And it's what our Father has asked us to do.

9/26/2017 Prayer Requests

We give thanks for all the ongoing Bethel Series classes throughout the country.

Keep praying for Lin's upcoming trip overseas, both all the details of the training seminar he'll be conducting and safety in all his travels

We give thanks for Yang Guang, Amin, Wang, and Jessie and all their interactions with Bo Ai students and with "stay behind" students. Please continue praying for them.

Prayer for our organization's upcoming Board of Directors Meetings, Sat., Oct. 7th @ 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  The Board will discuss our organization's current status and plan regarding registration.

Pray for Jeff as he travels to Los Angeles, CA to attend a regional Ch'n' Source meeting to get an update on what other Christian nonprofits are experiencing with the new NGO law in Ch'n'.   We want to learn from other organizations and how they are responding.

Pray for finishing touches on our History before it is sent to B. with our law firm.
The M'ss''n'ry Trail Trip team member visa applications were sent to the Ch'n' consulate in Chicago yesterday. Please pray that they will be returned to our organization's office by October 10.

Pray for healing for board member Paul Ofstedal, who remains in the hospital.
Rosa is grateful for your prayers. Thankfully, she has been able to remain at home with her baby girl, but her blood pressure is still high. She asks for our continued prayers.

Thank you for all intercessors who are praying for our organization and its service in Ch'n'. 

9/19/2017 Prayer Requests

Rosa, from the office, had her baby 2 weeks ago. It was a girl, whom they named Claire. We also just learned that Rosa went into the hospital two days ago, because of a rise in her blood pressure. The good news is that she has returned home. Please keep her in your prayers.

Paul Ofstedal is also back in the hospital and requests our prayers.

Yanbin is busy getting visas prepared for the Missionary Trail Trip people.

Keep praying for allthe ongoing Bethel Series classes overseas.

Pray too for Lin as he prepares for his trip overseas next month to conduct the next Bethel Series training seminar.

From overseas:

1. Preparation for the October Missionary Trail tours

2. Approval by Security Bureau for our organization to transfer money to Mei Wen to fund Missionary Trail Expenses in China.

 3. Decorating the Mei Wen office

4. Volunteer Training Event this Saturday

5. Bo Ai health information and statistics of students

6. Jin Jing’s driver's license to practice driving

7. Finalizing October Missionary Trail Itinerary

8. Mei Wen will visit our special needs children this week. 

From Jeff & Mim:

1. Jeff will complete his review of all past newsletters on Monday.  He has sent a list of names overseas for proper spelling in their characters and to double check the Pinyin spellings.  It is important that the names and titles of individuals and organizations are correct for the documentation application.  First draft is partially finished.  Goal is to finish 1st draft by end of week (complete with correct language) to submit to Board for review before sending to lawyers in B. 

2. Missionary Trail Trip Team (October 2017) is set.  The group will depart for B. on Oct. 16 and return Oct. 26. Passport information has been sent overseas to book hotels and train tickets.  Once we receive confirmation of hotel booking, we can finalize our visa applications for the team.

3. After Jeff finishes his history of our organization, he will start on the Oct. 2017 Newsletter. 

4. Start praying for favor with Provincial and City Government officials who will be reviewing our application to register a representative office under the country's NGO management laws.   Grant wisdom to our B. Lawyers and our organization's leadership.

Thank you again for faithfully praying for us and our needs.