8/15/2017 Prayer Request

Lin asks us to give thanks for a wonderful meeting at the NALC Convocation, He learned some new things and made some new connections. 

He's also planning for his next trip overseas this fall; so he asks us to please pray for that.

Paul and Ida Martinson had a table for our organization at the NALC Convocation. They said everything went very well, and they sold $685 worth of things for our benefit. So we praise our Father.
PTL Our CSV website transferred smoothly, please visit our new website: https://www.chinaserviceventures.org/ for online news about our work.

Prayer Requests from Jeff:
- Meetings with Pastors and leadership last week at the NALC Convocation (Nashville, TN) went well.  Jeff and Mim were able to connect with Pastor Simon Lee, Robert Zheng, and Lin and connect them to others.

 - Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Executive Committee as they explore new opportunities with Lin.  

- Jeff and Mim travel to China Aug 14 - 23 [so they're there right now] to meet with the Mei Wen team and consult with them for the Fall. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Pray too for safe travels.
- Pray for key connections and meetings while in H'n'n. They need to meet with government officials who would advocate for us.

Thank you again for faithfully praying for us and our needs.


8/8/2017 Prayer Request

Please pray for Rosa, who handles our organization's finances, and for Yanbin, who is our office manager.

Yanbin is currently working to switch our website to a new server. Her daughter and son have contributed their talents to this effort as well. We thank our Father for their kind.

Continue praying for Paul Ofstedal's healing. 

- Jeff/Mim and Paul/Ida are presenting at the NALC Convocation in Nashville, TN this week. Pray that we communicate clearly the vision God has placed upon our hearts for our organization and Ch'n'. Pray that God raise up partners and coworkers in the fields.
- We will have private conversations with NALC leadership to discern future opportunities for our joint partnership both overseas and the USA.  Pray for wisdom and discernment.
- Lin (Bethel Series), Simon Lee and Robert Chao (Honolulu) are also be at the NALC Convocation. Pray for LIn as he makes a presentation. Pray also that our strategic meetings will birth new directions of ministry overseas and with the Ch'n'se in the USA.
- Jeff & Mim need to bring money to Mei Wen to maintain operations. Each is allowed to bring in $5000 to exchange. Pray for safety and cooperation with the banks.
-  Jeff & Mim travel overseas Aug. 14-23 to meet with the Mei Wen team. Pray for travel mercies and wise use of time to equip and encourage the team.
- PTL The Mei Wen team (Yang Guang, Jing, Amin, and Jessie) is back together from a summer of training. Pray for wisdom and the team debriefs for best practices and strategic, future direction.

Jeff and Mim are still with Mike & Barbara. Continue keeping them in your prayers. We are praying that Mike will live "all the days ordained for" him that are written in God's book and praying that God will keep him and heal him to that end. We're glad that the EC has granted Jeff and MIm this special arrangement to be with them in the fall.

Thanks for your persistence in prayer. 

8/1/2017 Prayer Request

Keep praying for Lin as he finalizes his plans for participation in the NALC Convocation, which will be next week.

Paul Ofstedal is still in the hospital, but is improving.

Prayer Requests from overseas:

  • Yang Guang has safely returned to X.  The Mei Wen team is now reunited.  The girls attended a Young Life camp in Ch'ngq'ng to experience a different style of Christian Camping to get ideas for their own program. 
  • Now we pray that the team will integrate all their wonderful training experiences into something they can use for this upcoming year.  Begin to pray for favor with the government for Mei Wen to conduct their own summer camps.   Mei Wen will need to gain various appropriate licensing and approval to conduct camps.  This is a great step forward that Mei Wen will now take the lead in programming, logistics, recruitment, and training.   The seedling that was planted is beginning to grow.  Pray for its protection. 
  • Pray for rest and recovery for the team this week (especially for Yang Guang, who is recovering from jetlag).  This week should be very productive for the team. We pray for good communication and insight and wisdom as they think about the future. 
  • Pray for our ministry dog, Santo; he has a ringworm infection.

Prayer Requests from Jeff & Mim:

  • Mim will speak and conduct a breakout session at the NALC Convocation Week in Nashville, TN (Aug. 7-11).  Her workshop is entitled, “Pray and Play.”  It models Mim’s education and ministry philosophy of using sports as an incubator in which to discover and express biblical truth and principles, and to develop Christ-like character qualities.   It is the same model she is teaching to Mei Wen and the same model she used to develop Sport Life (an outdoor, extra curricular program and ministry she developed to assist churches in their outreach to children).  It is highly effective and life-changing.  Pray that people catch the vision and that Mei Wen can use the same program overseas.
  • Jeff & Mim (plus Paul and Ida Martinson) will promote the work of our organization at the NALC Convocation.  We pray for safe travel for all.  We pray that other churches and individuals catch the vision of what we are doing overseas and come alongside us as partners in the gospel.  Pray for clear communication of the work
  • Jeff will meet with Lin to discuss improving our strategic partnership with the Bethel Series and as we go forward into the future.  They will meet next week at the NALC Convocation.  Pray for wisdom and clarity of vision.
  • Pray for Jeff as he finishes the first draft of our organization’s history this week.  This is the last piece needed to complete our application for a representative office overseas under Ch'n'’s new foreign non-governmental organization (NGO) law. This law requires the sponsorship advocacy of provincial agencies (in our case, the H'n'n Department of Education and the X. Department of Education) and the Public Security Bureau before we can begin registering with the provincial Industry and Commerce authorities (i.e., office, certified bank accounts, business licensure, national pension plan registration, etc.).  
  • Pray for the upcoming Missionary Trail Trip, October 16 -26, as we release further details (need to coordinate final details with Mei Wen this week). 
  • Jeff and Mim will travel overseas on August 14 - 24, then return to the USA.  We pray for good meeting times with the governmental authorities to move forward our application for registration.
  • Please pray for Jeff’s brother-in-law, Mike, who has stage 4 gastric cancer.   We pray for his healing. 

Thank you to all intercessors for your diligent labor in prayer.  Thank you for your heart for our country of service.  Thank you for your encouragement and financial support.