Summer Camp 2019

Jigongshan (Rooster Mountain), Henan, China, July 10 - 27, 2019

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work for the welfare of the Chinese people in mainland China and in the United States. We focus on mostly in Henan Province because our founders were born there, served there, and left their hearts there. But, we also serve the Chinese in our midst in the United States.

We have a heart for Stay Behind children in rural Henan and work to provide a bright future for them. In China, through our registered a Representative Office in Henan:

  • We enhance learning environments by establish libraries for rural primary schools

  • We provide financial aid to help subsidize room and board costs to enable rural students to attend school

  • We provide innovative learning activities to inspire a child to life-long learning through peer leadership and mentorship programs staffed by university and local volunteers administered by our Chinese staff

  • We facilitate faculty and student exchanges to foster professional and educational development

  • We facilitate cultural programs and summer camps to broaden students’ international perspectives

  • We facilitate relational friendships through service together for the sake of another

  • We offer personalized tours of China and our work through our Hearts for Henan Tour Trips offered in October and April

China Service Ventures is a registered tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of Minnesota. Our representative office is registered as 中美服务促进会(美国)代表处 in Henan Province, China, under China's "Overseas NGO Management Law.”  

 For further information, please contact our USA Office (651) 659-1396 or email  Our China Representative Office 中美服务促进会(美国) 河南代表处 contact information is available upon request. 

Stay Behind Programs

Volunteers provide after school tutoring and special instruction